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Consequences of misnaming doctors in surgical errors cases

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Surgical Errors

It is important for patients who are victimized by medical malpractice to have recourse. However, the damage to Delaware doctors who are wrongly found to be responsible for surgical errors can be long-lasting and devastating. A surgeon who was accused of lying to a patient about an issue with her operation is now working to revive his career after the accusation was withdrawn by the patient in question.

The woman who filed the lawsuit recanted her claims by issuing a statement via her attorney. In the statement, she advised that her accusation of the surgeon lying to her to cover up a surgical mistake was in fact attributed to the wrong individual. The retraction came after the woman’s lawyer identified inconsistencies with her story.

The surgeon, who was born in Jamaica but grew up in Florida, noted that rebuilding his reputation will be a challenge. News sources publicly named him and spelled out the accusations he faced during the trial. An online search for his name brings up stories of the accusations, which are now understood to be false.

With people’s careers on the line, it is important to be as accurate as possible when making statements about medical malpractice experiences. It may seem like a simple error to name the wrong doctor when discussing what someone said, but these actions can have a major impact on an individual, and double checking the identity of those involved is important. That said, it is equally important for victims to hold people responsible if they suffer complications from surgical errors. Speaking to a lawyer is a good first step for individuals in Delaware who are interested in pursuing such a lawsuit.