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New blood test may help diagnose traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2018 | Brain Injuries

Once of the biggest medical challenges when it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is the diagnosis of brain trauma. Physicians in Delaware and around the world have traditionally needed to depend on symptoms like headaches and sensitivity to decide whether a CT scan was necessary in concussion cases. However, a new blood test may be able to identify brain injuries with more certainty.

There are many advantages to the new blood test. A blood sample can quickly be obtained and tested, even in a busy hospital setting. It can also provide a truthful reading of TBI issues without depending on the injured person to honestly report their symptoms. Doctors say athletes in particular may downplay indicators in order to keep playing, so an objective reading is advantageous.

The new blood test, called the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator, began its Food and Drug Administration approved testing in Feb. 2018. The clinical trial used the blood test on close to 2,000 people presenting with a head injury. It was approved following the success of the study, which was able to identify two brain proteins that, if present in the blood, indicate traumatic injury.

CT scans require patients to undergo radiation. They can also be expensive and time-consuming. This test may make it possible for some patients to avoid unnecessary scans should the proteins not be present in the blood stream. Victims of brain injuries in Delaware who have received inadequate care or who believe they are not personally responsible for their injury should speak with a lawyer to understand their legal options.