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Barriers could prevent fatal car accidents on Delaware Route 1

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2018 | Car Accidents

State officials often update or build infrastructure projects to keep people safe. One Delaware project that has been discussed is the addition of cable median barriers on Route 1. The roadway, which stretches from Christiana through the beaches of Delaware, is a common location for fatal car accidents. However, there are questions as to whether investing in cable median barriers is a possibility anytime soon.

The guardrails are not legally required for medians over 50 feet wide. Although this doesn’t apply to this stretch of road, car accidents involving vehicles crossing over the median in that area have caused people to discuss this as an option for Route. State officials say that the barriers could help save lives, but are not required and therefore need to be balanced with other DelDOT priorities.

Following the first fatal car accident in the area, 25 years ago, guardrails were installed in one area near the collision. Officials say that they are planning to install something similar at the site of a more recent accident in early July 2018. However, roadside safety experts are suggesting that the cable barriers be added along the full stretch of road.

An expert who wrote the original guidelines for Route 1 says that not requiring cable barriers is written when there was far less volume on the road. He adds that if a stretch of Route 1 has an average of 104,134 vehicles each day, cable barriers should be installed. Those who are in car accidents on Route 1 or elsewhere in Delaware should contact an attorney to review legal options for compensation for injuries and damages.