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Technology may decrease surgical errors by improving efficiency

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Surgical Errors

Technology is often used to create more efficient systems. In Delaware and across the United States, hospitals are using a variety of techniques in hopes of limiting or eliminating surgical errors. Predictive analytics are one of the technologies that may be used by hospital executives to weigh the pros and cons of implementing new technologies.

Data and analytics allow hospital executives to see patterns they may not have otherwise noticed. For example, admissions and census peaks may be more predictable than they previously thought. Having more accurate predictions would allow hospitals to ensure they have the right resources and processes in place to manage patient flow.

Surge planning is an important task for anyone involved in hospital operations. Modern data science allows for increased information on these patterns using technologies such as simulation, scenario testing and advanced forecasting methodologies. This allows for more efficient operational decisions to be made, ensuring more well-formulated surge plans. These plans may include notifying on-call staff of the likelihood of a surge based on predictive analytics or ensuring extra beds are prepared in advance of a predicted increase in patient need.

Operational efficiency is important for hospitals in Delaware, and technology is increasingly critical in facilitating an effective system. Despite the many technological strides in predictive analytics, surgical technologies and more, surgical errors can still happen with devastating results. There can be legal recourse for those who have suffered from medical negligence or who have a family member who has been incapacitated or even died due to a surgical error. A lawyer can help explain these options to those who are victims of medical malpractice.

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