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Car accidents: Recent crash near beach can ended up in marshes

On Behalf of | May 31, 2018 | Car Accidents

Collisions can often cause vehicles to run off the road. Depending where the vehicles in car accidents like this end up and whether they flip when going off road, serious damage to the vehicles involved and the people inside them can be the result. A recent drunk driving incident in Delaware cause two colliding trucks to fly off the road and into a nearby marsh.

Officers were called to the accident around 4 p.m. They were directed to a marsh south of the Indian River Inlet Bridge, on Route 1 south near Waters Edge Way. Three people were hospitalized following the collision, and one Newark man was charged with driving under the influence.

The driver charged with a DUI was driving his truck at high speed and hit a 2004 F-150 making a U-turn. The man driving the truck which was hit was a 61-year-old Selbyville man. The driver was 23 years old and had a passenger in is car, a 23-year-old female. All three individuals involved were restrained, treated and released from Beebe Hospital.

Due to the location of the crash, units from Bethany Beach, Millville and Rehoboth Beach responded to the incident. Sussex County EMS also responded to help those involved get to the hospital. Ambulance rides, treatment for injury and recovery from crashes can be extremely expensive for people involved in car accidents. Those in more serious collisions may also face expenses including damages from lost income or wrongful death. Delaware victims looking for legal guidance in these cases should contact a lawyer in the state.

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