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Study shows brain injuries increase risk of dementia

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Brain Injuries

Many people are aware of the immediate consequences of trauma to the brain. Delaware residents with brain injuries face large number of immediate challenges, from headaches through to loss of senses or functioning. But what are the long-term effects of this kind of trauma? According to a new study, increased risk of developing dementia is one of the previously unknown side effects of traumatic brain injuries.

A recently published study followed almost 2.8 million people over 36 years, observing the differences between those who suffered brain injuries and those who did not. The study found that those who experienced traumatic brain injury were 24 percent more likely to be diagnosed with dementia than their uninjured counterparts. The more injuries a person had, the higher their risk, according to the study.

Researchers note that their results show a clear pattern between number of brain injuries and their risk of dementia. There is a particular risk for earlier stage dementia; individuals who experiences brain trauma in their 20s were 63 percent more likely to develop dementia in their 50s. However, researchers note that dementia at such an early age is still very rare.

Delaware residents can sustain brain injuries in a number of ways, including sports injuries and car accidents. Medical understanding of such injuries, including these long-term effects, is still evolving. Those who have sustained a brain injury should be aware of the medical costs and future concerns associated with this kind of injury. A lawyer can help those who have been injured understand their options for restitution.

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