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Birth injuries: Lawsuit settled for improper disposal of baby

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Losing a child is devastating for any parent no matter the age. Sadly, many expectant mothers lose a child before they are able to meet in person. Sometimes a death prior to birth is random, and sometimes it is due to suffering birth injuries. One mother in another state lost a child prematurely to natural causes, but the hospital’s actions following her child’s birth has caused her emotional distress. Delaware readers may be interested to learn why she chose to file a lawsuit.

Reportedly, the mother experienced premature labor a little over halfway through her pregnancy. Sadly, the labor resulted in her son’s premature birth at 22 weeks. He did not survive. According to records, the mother denied the offer for an autopsy but accepted the hospital’s offer for a respectful cremation.

Two weeks later, the woman’s son was found discarded in dirty laundry.  Workers apparently took pictures of the deceased baby and posted them online before notifying the hospital of the remains. Instead of notifying the police, the hospital apparently retrieved the baby’s remains quietly, and it was an anonymous tipster that alerted police of the incident. Tragically, the woman’s baby was not the only baby improperly disposed of in the linens.

The woman filed a lawsuit last fall alleging that the incident caused her further emotional distress following the death of her son. Reportedly, the hospital recently settled the lawsuit with the woman for an undisclosed amount. Any Delaware parent who has lost a child to birth injuries or has experienced a similar traumatic post-birth experience like this woman may wish to speak with an attorney about the options for legal recourse.

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