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2 patients die from surgical errors that resulted infection

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2017 | Surgical Errors

Any Delaware patient that chooses to read a surgical consent form will likely be aware that infection is a listed possible risk of any surgery. Any time surgical errors occur, the risk of infection and other complications significantly increase. Unfortunately, any infection can be deadly if not treated appropriately. Two families in another state feel that their loved one’s fatal infections were not managed well and were likely preventable. Separate lawsuits have been filed in civil court.

Although both cases of infection occurred in the same hospital less than two days apart from each other, they involved different types of surgeries performed by different doctors. A 70-year-old man had a routine laparoscopic hernia repair surgery and began to quickly exhibit symptoms that he was not recovering well. Reportedly, he had a high heart rate, temperature and elevated white blood count, which are all signs of an infection. The lawsuit, in this case, accuses medical personnel of missing multiple opportunities to catch and treat the man’s infection early and adequately. Instead, the infection spread throughout his body, resulting in his death.

The other lawsuit revolves around the case of a 61-year-old female who was admitted for an outpatient laparoscopic surgery. She had an ovarian cyst removed and was discharged to her home the same day of her surgery. Later the following the day, she returned to the emergency room with pain, vomiting and very low blood pressure. Despite possible evidence of a brewing infection, the woman was not treated with antibiotics until after her heart stopped during a code. Despite life-saving efforts, she did not survive.

Later it was discovered that both cases involved both patients’ bowels being perforated during their surgeries. The leakage of intestinal bacteria into the abdominal cavity resulted in both having a significant chance of infection. Sadly, some surgical errors that also result in additional medical treatment and death. Families that suspect their loved one’s death may have been prevented by earlier intervention may benefit from an attorney in Delaware to review their case. If negligence is suspected, a civil court lawsuit may be an appropriate legal remedy.

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