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Car accidents: Porsche collides with school bus, injuring 8 kids

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Car Accidents

It is terrifying for parents to receive a call that their child has been injured or harmed. Recently, multiple Delaware parents received calls after their children were involved in an accident on their morning bus commute to school. Unfortunately, injuries resulting from similar car accidents can be expensive, and some injuries can impact people’s health and way of life indefinitely.

On the morning commute to school, a school bus was involved in an unfortunate collision. The bus was partially full of elementary aged students with approximately 17 children on board. When the bus was driving through an intersection, a small sports car reportedly collided with the bus. The driver of the sports car has been determined to be at fault for the accident and has been issued a traffic citation for a negligent left turn into the path of the bus.

Eight students and the bus driver were reportedly injured. Reportedly, their injuries were not life-threatening, and they were all released from medical treatment. It is unknown if the driver of the Porsche suffered any injuries as a result of the crash.

When a child is injured for any reason, parents often fear there may be unknown future and long-term health consequences. Not only can injuries impact a person’s way of life, but the unexpected medical expenses can quickly add up. Personal injury attorneys in Delaware can advise victims of car accidents such as this one if grounds exist for filing a lawsuit in civil court to seek a monetary judgment for all accident-related damages. 

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