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Delaware car accidents: Driver runs red light killing another

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Car Accidents

Injuries, property damage and death can all result from motor vehicle accidents. Unknown to many victims is the financial, physical and emotional stress that may also occur after serious car accidents. One recent multi-vehicle accident in Delaware ended in tragedy for one unsuspecting driver.

Two cars were turning left in an intersection to travel northbound when another vehicle crashed into them. According to the initial investigation report, they had the right of way. The other driver allegedly drove through a red light, resulting the collision with both vehicles. The intersection was closed by authorities for three hours as the accident was cleared and investigated.

Sadly, one of the drivers that was turning left was killed. The other driver’s injuries were not serious and were treated on the scene. The driver who drove through the red light also suffered only minor injuries. Formal charges have not been filed against the presumed negligent driver, but are anticipated.

Drivers are required to purchase and maintain car insurance to financially provide for property damage and injuries for themselves and others in the event of car accidents. Unfortunately, insurance does not always cover all unexpected expenses and may not account for the emotional impact of the loss of a loved one. In fatal cases such as this one, a victim’s family may be impacted by the loss their loved one’s contributing income and unexpected funeral expenses. Delaware personal injury lawyers can advise families of deceased victims of how to handle insurance claims and/or any legal actions against presumed negligent parties.

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