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The dangers of jumping to conclusions about a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2017 | Car Accidents

The recent tragic and nationally discussed accident involving tennis professional Venus Williams has put the spotlight on the catastrophic injuries that can result from automobile collisions. Delaware roadways also see their share of deadly accidents. It has also illustrated the reality that initial conclusions based on less than fully vetted facts and evidence may be way off base.

It is very important from both an accuracy perspective as well as ethical compassion to allow Delaware police investigations and evidence development, in the event of a personal injury or fatality resulting from a car accident, to take place before concluding who is at fault. It is also necessary if justice is to be an end result.

The 2017 accident involved the tragic fatality of a gentleman passing through an intersection. Originally, there were reports that Ms. Williams may have entered the intersection against a red light, which could have placed personal blame and liability for this loss of life upon her. Aside from legal repercussions to Ms. Williams, the emotional consequences are all too imaginable. However, video surveillance reviewed later potentially laid that concern to rest, indicating that Ms. Williams did, in fact, lawfully enter the intersection.

Similarly, there were statements that the deceased gentleman was not wearing a seat belt, suggesting that the bodily injuries would not have been nearly so severe had he secured his seat belt. However, according to USA Today, a police spokesperson made a conflicting statement indicating there is reason to believe the gentleman was in fact wearing his belt.

To be sure, there are many additional issues surrounding traffic accidents in the ensuing days that can cause those involved much stress and concern. Sometimes the individuals are not even aware of the attendant issues and the need to protect themselves. However, robust investigations by police and diligent discovery efforts and litigation procedures by experienced personal injury attorneys are critical for the full true facts to emerge.

Those professional efforts will ultimately lead to determining who is liable for a terrible car accident and whether seat belt issues or other circumstances affected the catastrophic damages to human life.