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Do you need an attorney after being hit by a car?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2017 | Car Accidents

Sometimes, car accidents do not lead to serious personal injuries, or any injuries, for that matter. The insurance claims process is straightforward and quick, and both the person filing the claim and the insurance company are happy. Many times, however, people encounter obstacles after they, or their car, is hit by another car. If you are dealing with at least one of the issues below, an attorney may be helpful.

A limited time window

In Delaware, you typically have two years to file a civil lawsuit related to a car accident. The specific time frame depends on the claim you want to make. For example, you have two years for an injury to person. So, suppose you were hit one year ago and suffered mild whiplash. You thought it would get better, but it has since worsened considerably. The narrowing time frame means you need to act quickly or you may not be able to sue at all.

An uncooperative insurance company

Insurance companies want to save money and cut costs when they can. They set rigid deadlines and may even deny reasonable claims, forcing you to appeal. An attorney, especially one experienced in working with insurance companies, can speed up a claims process and help you get what is rightfully due. This can especially be helpful if the driver who hit you lacked the minimum required insurance coverage.

Huge life changes

Suppose being hit by a car means you (or a loved one) now live with a traumatic brain injury or neck injuries. The repercussions of such injuries are tremendous and can include heavy medical bills, emotional suffering and lost wages. An attorney can help set you seek financial compensation and much more.

A simple desire

Sometimes, you simply want an attorney just to be sure you have covered your bases. That is a great reason to contract with someone. You may not necessarily have a case, but you do have peace of mind.

If you have decided to seek out an attorney for help after a car wreck, one suggestion is to meet only with these who offer free initial consultations. They can advise you on the strength of your case (from their perspective), and you can get a feel for who might best represent you and work with you. Plus, you do not have to pay any money up front. To make the best use of your time, have all relevant materials and paperwork at the meeting, and be honest when discussing the case and answering questions.