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Midwife under multiple investigations for birth injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Birth Injuries

Parents in Delaware often experience a mix of emotions when expecting a child that may include excitement, joy, nervousness and fear. Despite advancement in the field of obstetrics, birth injuries still occur and may result in a child’s permanent injury or even death. Permanent injury may require a lifetime of expensive medical and specialized care. Recently, a midwife in another state has been placed under investigation for questionable care of her patients.

It is estimated that the midwife has delivered around 4,000 babies during her 34-year-career. Despite her experience, she has also accumulated numerous complaints and lawsuits over the years. The health department in her area has received over 22 complaints, and currently the department is investigating three different patient cases cared for by the midwife. Despite the open investigations, the midwife has been allowed to continue to deliver babies. She has even been sued by her cousin regarding the permanent injury the cousin’s son suffered after delivery.

One of the open investigations was sparked by a wrongful death lawsuit against the midwife. The patient who has filed the lawsuit alerted the midwife to large blood clots in her last week of pregnancy. According to the lawsuit, the midwife was not concerned. Reportedly, it took four more calls to the midwife and advice by other health care professionals to be evaluated, before the midwife examined the patient and her bleeding. During the evaluation, the midwife could not find a heartbeat and the patient later delivered her baby stillborn by a cesarean section at another medical facility.  

Understandably, it is difficult for parents to cope with a child’s death or permanent injury as a result of birth injuries. When a child survives injury at birth, expensive treatment can result in financial burden for parents. Any parent who suspects their child may have suffered injury unnecessarily could benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney in Delaware regarding their rights and options to seek compensation in civil court. While compensation will not correct the injury to a child, it may help to provide the necessary care the child may need for the rest of its life.

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