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Man claims surgical errors have caused him permanent pain

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Surgical Errors

Medical technology and advancement over recent years has benefited many Delaware patients. When injuries occur, most patients can be assured that surgery and therapy will aide in recovery. Despite advancements, surgical errors still occur, hindering the healing process for some patients. One man in another state has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a surgical group for the treatment of his broken arm.

The male patient suffered a broken arm after falling at home. He sought treatment, and it was determined that he would benefit from having a plate placed in his arm to aide in his healing. He underwent the surgery and had the plate surgically inserted.

After the plate was surgically placed in his arm, the man continued to suffer pain. His attorneys are arguing that instead of healing the man’s fracture, the plate has caused permanent damage. They claim that the surgical team improperly placed the plate, causing damage and pain to his radial nerve. The lawyers are also arguing negligence in the man’s care due to poorly trained and supervised staff. Surgeons rely on medical staff and personnel to help monitor patients’ healing process, and if not adequately monitored, patients can develop unnoticed unnecessary complications.

Surgery can be healing and life-saving. Unfortunately when surgical errors or negligence occurs, it can often cause patients more harm than good. Injuries as a result of surgery can result in expensive and unexpected medical expenses. Delaware patients who have suffered unnecessary pain and suffering from a surgeon’s apparent mistake or improper medical management could benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney about their legal rights and options in civil court.  

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