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Legal options may be available for victims of car accidents

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Car Accidents

Operating a motor vehicle responsibly is important for the safety of everyone in the vehicle as well as anyone else traveling the same roadways. Unfortunately, despite numerous methods to enforce responsible driving, reckless driving and resulting car accidents still occur. Car crash victims often suffer physical injuries, property damage and unexpected related expenses. One Delaware woman has had the unfortunate experience of personally discovering the physical and financial stress that occurs in the aftermath of a motor-vehicle accident.

The woman was driving a small black hatchback car near an intersection when a pickup truck struck her out of nowhere. According to witnesses, the truck driver crossed over the median, and his vehicle hit her driver’s side door. The impact from the truck resulted in extensive damage to the door and it was not able to be opened. It took emergency workers approximately 45 minutes to remove her from her vehicle.

Due to the grim appearance of the accident, a life flight helicopter was called to the scene. Fortunately, once they removed the woman from her car, it was determined that she could handle an ambulance ride to the nearest medical facility. The truck driver was also transported for treatment of his injuries. Although authorities have not verified the reports, witnesses claim to have seen the truck driver involved in another accident at a nearby intersection before the second accident occurred.

Unfortunately, recovering from injuries is just the beginning for victims when dealing with the aftermath that follows car accidents. Victims often face the stress of dealing with insurance companies, receiving unexpected expensive medical bills and emotional suffering. Fortunately, Delaware personal injury attorneys are available to victims to discuss their legal options and to handle claims with insurance companies. Attorneys will examine the evidence from the accident investigation and will advise the best route for recovering financial compensation for the victims.

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