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Major surgical errors result in removal of healthy kidney

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Surgical Errors

Going under the knife will make most Delaware patients nervous. Mandated policies and procedures are enforced in hospitals across the United States to maximize patient safety and to help ease patient fears. Despite strict policies, surgical errors still occur. A man in another state is facing the unfortunate consequences of his surgeon’s apparent disregard to follow standard safety procedures before the patient’s healthy kidney was removed instead of his cancerous one.

An 83-year-old man received the unfortunate diagnosis of a tumor on his kidney. While the tumor did not require immediate surgery, physicians determined that it was medically necessary for the tumor to be removed from the kidney. In his medical records imaging, radiologists and practitioners all identified the tumor to be located on his right kidney. Despite data and records clearly identifying the tumor location on the right kidney, surgeons incorrectly removed his left healthy kidney.

Not only did surgeons remove man’s only healthy kidney, but apparently they were supposed to attempt to remove only the tumor, leaving the right kidney if possible. Despite the tumor not being visible on his left kidney, the surgeons decided to remove the entire healthy kidney. After a pathologist confirmed the wrong kidney was removed and an investigation began on his case, numerous other errors were revealed in his medical record. The patient was discharged to home after his healthy kidney was removed with the tumor still located on his right kidney.

The man is likely to encounter numerous medical problems as a result of the surgeon’s mistake. Since his only healthy kidney was removed, it reduces his options for treating the tumor. He likely will accumulate additional medical expenses due to the surgical errors he suffered in addition to the emotional stress of discovering the negligent manner in which his healthy kidney was handled. Compensation will not correct the errors, but may help alleviate some of the financial stress of the unexpected medical bills he likely incurred. Medical malpractice attorneys in Delaware can advise patients with similar cases of their litigation rights in a civil court.

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