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Woman claims surgical errors deformed her breast

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2016 | Surgical Errors

Each year, numerous women here in Delaware and across the country undergo breast augmentation. One of the lasting cosmetic issues from the procedure is scarring, but there is a procedure that can be done to help minimize it. As with any procedure, however, surgical errors can occur, and some women find themselves in worse shape than they were prior to the procedure.

This is what one woman is alleging. She felt good about her body and her breast augmentation, but the scar it left behind bothered her. She claims that she was told the bilateral breast scar revision procedure was safe, and she consented to have it and abdominal liposuction done. What she did not expect was that the surgeon was going to attempt a total reconstruction of her breast. She claims this was done without her consent, and to make matters worse, it was not done properly.

The Tennessee woman’s attorney claims that the doctor was negligent and that his client was the victim of medical battery. Her breast is now deformed, and she does not have any feeling in it. She alleges that the tissue around and on her nipple is dead.

Cosmetic surgery is often considered elective, which means that it is not necessary. However, that does not mean that patients do not deserve to be given the same standard of care to which any other person going through a surgical procedure is entitled. Surgical errors from cosmetic procedures can cause significant, disfiguring and permanent damage to a patient — and can even be life-threatening. When mistakes are made during these procedures, victims in Delaware and other states retain the right to file medical malpractice claims.

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