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Were baby’s brain injuries caused by medical negligence?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Brain Injuries

When a Delaware woman is expecting a child, any change in her health or the movement of the baby might cause panic. Many obstetricians’ offices more than likely field questions daily from pregnant mothers who are unsure whether what they are feeling, or are not feeling, could mean a problem with the baby. Not every concern should require a visit to the hospital, but if some issues are not investigated, the baby could end up with brain injuries or some other lifelong malady. There is sometimes a fine line between an overreacting mother and medical negligence when medical personnel ignore complaints and concerns.

After seeing two doctors who did not take her complaints of decreased fetal movement, dizziness and nausea seriously, one out-of-state woman’s baby was born with complications that caused lifelong brain damage. On two successive days, she tried to tell doctors that something was wrong. On the first day, she was not even examined, and on the second, she was not given an emergency Cesarean.

Later the second day, her infant was born by Cesarean approximately three weeks early, and doctors were immediately concerned. The boy was having seizures, suffered from apnea and his color was not good. Now, at the age of four, he is still unable to walk or even stand on his own, and he will need lifelong care. The Pennsylvania mother blames her son’s brain injuries on the doctors who failed to follow up on her complaints to ensure that the baby was okay.

Sadly, this woman’s story is not unique. Babies at hospitals across the country — perhaps including some here in Delaware — also suffer brain injuries due to mistakes during pregnancy or during birth. Those parents also retain the right to file medical malpractice claims against the party or parties believed to be responsible. If the evidence supports the contention that the care the mother and baby received was not up to current medical standards, damages could be awarded that could help with the current and future needs of the child.

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