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Incarcerated surgeon accused of surgical errors

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Birth Injuries

A second malpractice suit has been filed against a former surgeon who is currently serving a prison sentence for an illegal painkiller distribution scheme, according to sources local to the story. Delaware residents may be shocked to hear the former orthopedic surgeon is facing malpractice charges for allegedly failing to properly diagnose a knee injury and performing surgical errors based on that diagnosis. The suit has been filed in a court local to the accused. 

According to the filing, the doctor in question did not accurately diagnose a knee injury in the complainant back in December 2013. This led to the doctor allegedly incorrectly implanting a steel plate in the knee, which the plaintiff says has continued to cause him pain while obstructing his recovery. This comes on the heels of the existing charges against the doctor for illegally distributing painkillers. 

The doctor has since admitted to the crime of providing oxycodone prescriptions without medical need in exchange for cash and is serving time for that crime. He has been suspended from practicing medicine. An earlier malpractice suit alleging malpractice due to surgical errors is still pending. 

Delaware residents will doubtless agree that it is common to trust medical professionals with health-related issues. This is one of the reasons why surgical errors can be such a terrifying prospect for those who suffer them. Thankfully, the system of malpractice filing is in place to help protect the victims of doctor errors and hopefully provide them with some measure of compensation for the damage and suffering they undergo when recovering from errors of this type. 

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