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Woman sues for malpractice after alleged surgical errors

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A 32-year-old woman is suing a surgeon for an elective surgery she said went horribly awry. Delaware residents may be shocked to hear that the doctor in question is under investigation for surgical errors, misuse of anesthesia and causing permanent disfigurement to his patients who come to him for surgeries like tummy tucks. The woman is now seeking legal recourse against him. 

She claims that she approached the doctor after losing some 110 pounds in the pursuit of her ideal body. She sought his services to perform a buttock lift that was meant to shore up some of her lost weight. During the procedure, however, the doctor informed her while under anaesthetic that she lacked the fat deposits required to complete the procedure traditionally. The doctor then performed a tummy tuck on her. 

Asking consent of an anesthetized patient is highly unusual, according to plastic surgeons. As it turns out, the doctor in question is not even a board-certified plastic surgeon. The victim was apparently left with a seven-inch incision in her abdomen that led to extreme pain and long-term effects. The investigation into this incident is still ongoing. 

It is unclear at this time whether the woman will sue for medical malpractice in the case of the apparent surgical errors that injured her. However, as would be true in Delaware, grounds would appear to exist for such a legal claim. Even when it comes to elective surgeries, people have a right to presume safe and effective treatment from their medical professionals. If a doctor does not live up to acceptable medical standards, it may be beneficial for the victim to seek professional counsel. 

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