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Birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy infant result in suit

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Birth Injuries

Two doctors are facing serious consequences after an allegedly botched birth in 2013. Delaware residents may not be surprised to hear the family of a baby who was left with cerebral palsy as a result of birth injuries is suing for malpractice. The court case is currently in the midst of litigation. 

The suit, which was filed in March 2016, says the parents of the baby in question were not fully informed about the risks of a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section. On June 19, 2013, the mother was admitted to the hospital after her water broke. She alleges one of the doctors on call told her she was safe to proceed with a vaginal birth. 

The suit goes on to say the doctors should have called for a cesarean delivery once it was proved the baby was in distress. Reportedly, her heartbeat dropped to some 50 beats per minute. Shortly thereafter, the mother’s uterus ruptured, causing doctors to extricate the baby and reduce her temperature. The baby suffered oxygen deprivation, which the family is saying contributed to her diagnosis of cerebral palsy. 

A diagnosis like cerebral palsy is a shattering blow to the parents of an infant, as many Delaware residents can understand. Considering that the birth injuries that led to this condition appear to have been the result of negligence on the part of the attending doctors, the family is well within its rights to file for medical malpractice. Seeking a legal solution to such a traumatic experience can be a game-changer for families who have suffered the effects of malpractice. 

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