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$15 million malpractice suit filed for surgical errors

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A massive lawsuit has been filed with a state appeal board by a woman who says the hospital that treated her botched a critical surgery, according to local sources. Delaware residents may be shocked to hear that the 54-year-old out-of-state woman is seeking $15 million in malpractice damages after she says surgical errors committed by hospital staff left her with speech problems and other injuries. The case is being overseen by the appeals board as of this report. 

According to the filing, the 54-year-old woman was suffering hearing problems and reached out to medical authorities for help. They found two benign tumors in her brain and spinal column, one of which had been previously diagnosed. Doctors recommended she have that one removed, so the surgery went ahead as planned. However, she now says the possible side effects of the surgery were not articulated to her, affecting her ability to give informed consent. 

The filing goes on to say that attending doctors cut the woman’s middle cerebral artery, one of the primary arteries responsible for bringing blood to the brain. As a result, she suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side. She now has issues with speech, movement and motor skills, and requires round-the-clock care. This care is likely to be required for the rest of her natural life. 

Surgical errors of this type and severity can have long-lasting, catastrophic repercussions on the patient who suffers them. Delaware residents are sure to agree that, in this case, a lawsuit for malpractice is most likely an appropriate response. In this case, the particulars of the case will be reviewed by the appeals board which will then make a decision on whether or not it should proceed to court. 

Source:, “Linn County woman files $15 million medical malpractice claim against UIHC“, Trish Mehaffy, March 15, 2016