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Malpractice case set for doctor who died of brain injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2016 | Brain Injuries

The 2013 death of a recently-graduated doctor from another state has generated a medical malpractice suit which is slated to begin this month. The 26-year-old suffered brain injuries from which she later died after a blood clot went unrecognized in her diagnosis. Delaware residents will be pleased to note that her family is pursuing justice in her case. 

According to court documents, the woman graduated on May 11, 2013. Just 18 days later, she was dead of a brain hemorrhage. It appears that the woman was showing “unmistakeable” signs of a blood clot that attorneys have called “easily diagnosable and treatable.” Unfortunately, hospital staff are accused of not recognizing the seriousness of the woman’s condition. 

The woman was admitted on May 26, saying she was experiencing bruising and headaches, which are consistent with internal bleeding. The blood tests conducted by the hospital corroborated these claims, as well as the fact that she suffered from an immune deficiency that left her very susceptible to illnesses. Unfortunately, the hospital waited some 44 hours to order additional testing, which her family’s attorneys say led to her death.  

It will be some time before the outcome of this malpractice trial is known, but Delaware residents doubtless hope the family of the deceased woman may be able to find peace and justice in its outcome. brain injuries are not always easily detectable. That is why it is the job and ethical responsibility of medical professionals here in Delaware and all around the country to pursue all avenues in assessing and diagnosing potentially life-threatening illnesses and conditions. 

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