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Mother sues for birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Birth Injuries

A woman is suing the hospital where she gave birth after she says they were negligent in their responsibilities. Mothers in Delaware no doubt understand the protectiveness that comes with motherhood, displayed here as the woman sues the hospital and the attending doctors for allegedly causing birth injuries to her daughter. The case is currently being overseen in the woman’s home state. 

According to the lawsuit, the woman came to the hospital on Nov. 25, 2010 while in active labor. Medical personnel determined she required a Caesarian section. On route to the operating room, she says her fetal monitor was disconnected and remained so even when the woman’s blood pressure dropped dangerously low after an epidural was administered. 

The woman claims her monitor remained disconnected for some 68 minutes, during which time her unborn daughter suffered seizures brought on by fetal asphyxia. As a result, the girl has permanent brain damage. The mother is now seeking damages valued at over $50,000 in a lawsuit targeting both the hospital and her attending doctors. 

Delaware residents can only balk at the horror of a story like this, particularly given the trust placed in medical professionals during a birth. If these doctors and the hospital at which they worked are proven to have been negligent in their duties to such an extent as to cause or contribute to the birth injuries suffered by the infant, the mother may be entitled to a monetary judgment for documented damages. While the result of this claim remains to be seen, plaintiffs in similar circumstances have been awarded significant sums of money to help pay for financial losses incurred and to provide for ongoing care of the child, as necessary.

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