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Car accidents: Stay alert when driving near commercial vehicles

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Car Accidents

The U.S. economy is booming. As a result, more goods and merchandise are being shipped back and forth across the country than ever before. Large commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers frequently utilize interstates and highways in Delaware, meaning motorists in smaller passenger vehicles will be close to these big rigs. Car accidents involving large commercial vehicles are more likely to be serious or fatal, so drivers should always be cautious and practice defensive driving when traveling on crowded roadways.

A recent crash in New Castle County involving commercial trucks resulted in serious injuries. The accident happened along Interstate 95 during the morning commute. Police said a van was traveling south in the center lane behind a semi-truck pulling a flatbed. Reportedly, the van was rear-ended by a box truck, which knocked the van into the left lane, where it came to rest.

The box truck continued on and hit the trailer of the semi-truck, reports said. According to authorities, the driver of the semi-truck suffered minor injuries but the driver of the van was seriously injured. Police said the box truck driver was charged with inattentive driving, among other charges.

Roadways in Delaware often see heavy commercial traffic. Although the drivers of commercial vehicles are required to undergo special training, it does not prevent them from making mistakes and causing car accidents. When a person suffers injuries due to negligence in a crash, they have the right to pursue legal action. By consulting an attorney and filing a claim, victims and families could be compensated for documented monetary damages, including pain and suffering.

After an accident, consulting with an attorney can be the crucial first step toward resolving your claim. Don’t go it alone.