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No person should have to accept surgical errors

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Surgical Errors

Errors or mistakes during medical treatment can have serious consequences for patients and families. Those in Delaware who undergo surgical procedures understand that there are certain risks associated with any surgery, but they should not have to accept a mistake caused by the negligence of a surgeon or doctor. Unfortunately, thousands of surgical errors occur every year in the United States.

A couple in another state filed a lawsuit after the wife allegedly experienced complications as the result of negligence during her surgery. According to the lawsuit, the woman underwent what was supposed to be laparoscopic surgery on her uterus. However, the lawsuit said her surgeon perforated her uterus and converted the procedure into a full open surgery.

The woman claims that the surgeon cut a hole in her bowel during the open surgery, but failed to inspect and discover the injury. The woman’s bowel was not repaired until five days later, the lawsuit claims. By then, the woman’s abdomen had become infected and she required a prolonged hospitalization, according to allegations. The plaintiffs seek a trial by jury, monetary damages and all other just relief. 

It goes without saying that no person undergoes a surgical procedure expecting to suffer debilitating injuries. Although patients are required to give their consent before any surgery, they may have recourse when mistakes occur due to negligence. Those who have been the victim of surgical errors may be personally entitled to financial relief. Victims and families in Delaware can gain much-needed guidance by seeking the services of an experienced legal representative.