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Birth injuries: Family receives multimillion dollar settlement

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Birth Injuries

Thousands of babies are born every day in Delaware and across the country. Childbirth has evolved into a fairly routine process, so one would think that complications during this process are few and far between. Unfortunately, this is not the case. More birth injuries occur in the United States than in any other developed country.

A mother in another state filed a lawsuit alleging that her son was permanently injured as the result of medical negligence during his birth. According to the lawsuit, the woman was serving in the U.S. Army and went into labor. The lawsuit said she visited a government contracted hospital to give birth.

Allegedly, her baby suffered distress during birth that led to a disruption of oxygen and blood flow to the infant’s brain. The lack of oxygen caused the baby to suffer extensive and permanent brain damage, according to claims. Reportedly, the lawsuit was settled for a total of $3.6 million, with $1.7 to be placed in a special needs trust for the son.

Fortunately, great strides have been made in American health care over the last few decades. However, these advancements do not prevent mistakes and negligence from occurring. Childbirth is a delicate process that requires extensive care, and any deviation from the appropriate standard of care could cause debilitating injuries to mothers and infants. Parents in Delaware who have suffered birth injuries due to negligence may want to consider discussing the matter with an experienced legal representative. A successfully litigated claim could result in much-needed financial relief to help families pay medical expenses and recover other documented losses.