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Your doctor knows how to handle your high-risk pregnancy

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Firm News

Whether you’re expecting your first child or have already navigated pregnancy and childbirth several times, one thing is certain: No two pregnancies are exactly the same. Many factors, including but not limited to your age, current state of health, diet and quality of care can significantly affect you and your baby throughout approximately nine months of prenatal care, and also during labor and delivery at a Delaware medical facility.

In fact, receiving high-quality prenatal care is a key factor toward good health and safety during pregnancy. There are numerous maternal conditions — that is, health conditions that affect you, the mother, that can place you or your infant at high risk for injury or illness. Your obstetrician or midwife can recognize certain symptoms that warrant closer monitoring and, if needed, swift action to help keep you and your baby safe. If a problem arises, a strong support network is definitely needed.

Were you diagnosed before pregnancy?

Many times, a woman already knows she has a pre-existing health condition that may adversely affect her or her child during pregnancy. If you have high blood pressure, for instance, or diabetes, your doctor will want to provide special instructions and closely monitored care to keep your condition at a manageable level and to avoid potential danger during pregnancy and childbirth.

How old are you?

You might be one of many women who do not like to discuss their age; however, it’s necessary concerning pregnancy. If you’re age 35 or older, your medical team automatically considers you at risk for adverse pregnancy or birth-related conditions. Two of the most common problems for women in this group include high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, which is a potentially life-threatening condition for mother and child.

Other high-risk maternal health factors

Perhaps, you’ve struggled to maintain a healthy weight in your adult life. Obesity can cause pregnancy and birth complications. This is mostly because being overweight places you at high risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and stillbirth. Your obstetrician or midwife can advise you how to keep yourself and your baby as healthy and safe as possible during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Substandard care can lead to serious injuries

It’s definitely your responsibility to seek proper medical care during pregnancy. However, your doctor or midwife have an obligation to inform you of known injury risks and to provide observation, care and treatment as needed to help overcome any complications that arise. Sadly, many mothers and infants suffer pregnancy or birth-related injuries because of medical negligence.

Delaware law allows parents to seek financial recovery for their losses when a preventable injury or illness occurs because a medical team member failed in his or her fiduciary duty to keep a mom or baby safe.