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Surgical errors: Even minor procedures can lead to death

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Surgical Errors

When the word “surgery” comes to mind, most people think of a patient being cut open while the doctor performs the procedure. While its true that some surgeries are highly invasive and complicated, most surgeries in Delaware these days are not as intrusive. Laparoscopic surgeries are common and are performed by inserting a tiny camera through an incision that is about the size of a keyhole. However, even with very minor procedures, surgical errors are always a possibility.

A recent lawsuit filed in another state accused two surgeons of negligence which contributed to a woman’s death. The lawsuit, filed by the widower, said that the woman went in for a lap band surgery. In a lap band surgery, the surgeon uses a laparoscope to attach a thin band around the upper part of the stomach.

Five days after the procedure, the plaintiff alleged that his wife was taken to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. According to the lawsuit, she died the next day. The plaintiff claimed that his wife suffered from an infection in her abdomen that her providers failed to diagnose. The lawsuit alleged that the woman’s death could have been prevented had her doctors correctly performed the surgery and gave her a thorough examination.

Its true that modern technology has made surgeries safer and less intrusive. However, there will always be risk involved with any type of surgical procedure. Victims and families in Delaware who have been affected by surgical errors can take action by consulting a legal representative. A lawsuit, if successful, could provide much-needed compensation to help families recover from this tragedy.