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Surgical errors: Man finds wire left in his body after surgery

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Surgical Errors

Although patient safety should be the top priority of doctors and surgeons in Delaware, sometimes safety procedures get neglected due to the fast-paced environment present in most hospitals these days. Medical personnel are commonly understaffed and often rushed. This only leads to mistakes and surgical errors. A man in another state filed a lawsuit after a metal wire was allegedly left his body after a surgical procedure.

Nearly 15 years ago, the lawsuit said the man sought treatment for shortness of breath and was told that he had congestive heart failure. According to the lawsuit, the man underwent a procedure known as an angiogram. In this procedure, a catheter is inserted into the blood stream to distribute dye so that blood vessels can be photographed. However, when the catheter was removed, the lawsuit said the guide wire was left inside the man’s body.

About 10 years later, the man needed a surgery to clear blood clots. Allegedly, an X-ray exposed the wire that stretched from his heart area down to his thigh. The man underwent a procedure to remove the wire that had been in his body for over a decade, the lawsuit said. A jury sided with the plaintiff and awarded him almost $1.8 million.

Unfortunately, the patient suffers the consequences when doctors and surgeons make mistakes during procedures. Thousands of patients across the country suffer the effects of surgical errors every year. Those in Delaware who believe they or their loved ones were affected by surgical errors could benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.