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Car accidents: Watch out for pedestrians as temperatures rise

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Car Accidents

As warmer weather arrives in Delaware, there will be more people running and walking alongside crowded roadways. Walking is also a main source of transportation for many residents during the warmer months. Due to the increased foot traffic during spring and summer, car accidents involving pedestrians happen more often this time of year. Unfortunately, these types of accidents usually end in serious injury or death.

A recent accident near Bear claimed the life of a pedestrian. The accident happened at night on U.S. 40. According to reports, a pedestrian was walking eastbound near the Delaware 1 off-ramp when he was suddenly struck by a vehicle. Reportedly, the collision knocked the pedestrian into the right lane of the highway where he was struck again by a sedan.

Police say other vehicles also struck the man, but the driver of the sedan was the only driver who remained on the scene. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the site of the accident, authorities said. Police are still searching for information about the other vehicles involved in the incident. The eastbound lanes of the highway remained closed for about two hours following the accident, reports said.

Pedestrians will be present in greater numbers as warmer temperatures arrive. Unfortunately, this means car accidents with pedestrians will also rise. According to recent statistics, a pedestrian is killed every 90 minutes in the United States. Those in Delaware who have suffered injuries or loss due to negligence in this type of accident could benefit by seeking the services of a legal representative. A lawsuit, if successful, could provide financial relief to aid families during this difficult time.