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Car accidents: Motorcyclist in critical condition after crash

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

The state of Delaware is home to scenic roadways that many choose to experience behind the handle bars of a motorcycle. Going for a long ride on a motorcycle can definitely be fun and exhilarating. However, those who travel by motorcycle face different and unique challenges than those who are in passenger vehicles. Motorcyclists are totally exposed to outside elements so car accidents with motorcycles often end in very serious injury or death.

A recent crash near Greenville ended with a motorcyclist suffering severe injuries. The accident happened on Centerville Road during the evening hours. According to reports, an SUV was turning left onto Centerville Road and pulled into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist who was traveling northbound.

Reports said the motorcycle violently collided with the front end of the SUV, ejecting the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist sustained severe injuries and was transported to a local hospital in critical condition, authorities said. The road remained closed for several hours while authorities conducted an investigation.

Drivers in Delaware should always be on the lookout for motorcycles, especially as warmer weather arrives. Motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles and can be harder for other motorists to spot. Those who are injured due to the negligence of another party in car accidents have options at their disposal that can ease the pain, suffering and financial burden that often accompanies serious injuries. If negligence is proved, a successful lawsuit could result in much-needed compensation that victims could use to recoup medical costs and other monetary losses that occurred as the result of an accident.