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Birth injuries: Lawsuit alleges baby suffered brain damage

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Birth Injuries

For parents in Delaware and around the world, the birth of a child is a magical and joyous event that is always remembered. However, negligent care during this delicate process could result in birth injuries to both the mother and infant. These types of injuries are often suffered for a lifetime. A couple in another state filed a lawsuit against a hospital after their baby allegedly suffered significant brain damage during birth.

The lawsuit said the mother began labor seven days before her due date and was admitted to the hospital. Although the woman had previously delivered a child via cesarean section, she requested to deliver her baby vaginally and the staff agreed, the lawsuit claimed. According to the lawsuit, the woman was given Pitocin to induce labor. Allegedly, the baby’s heart rate fluctuated during labor and fell below the baseline for almost 10 minutes, but the staff continued to administer Pitocin.

The lawsuit also alleged that the mother was diagnosed with a bacterial infection known as Chorioamnionitis and given two rounds of antibiotics during labor. The plaintiffs claimed that the mother gave birth to a limp baby that had to be resuscitated by medical staff. According to claims, the baby suffered permanent brain damage due to a lack of oxygen that he endured during birth and now has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.

Tragically, scenarios similar to this play out in the lives of thousands of parents across the United States every year. Delaware families who have been affected by birth injuries could benefit from discussions with a legal representative. A successful claim could result in much-needed compensation to help cover medical expenses and other monetary losses.