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Why are traffic fatalities on the rise in Delaware?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Firm News

No state is immune to motor vehicle accidents, as they can happen any time in any place, and many collisions lead to death. However, for Delaware, the number of fatalities has been increasing, reports Delaware Online.

The reasons for car crashes are many, but certain causes seem to be more prominent in this state. While they do not explain every accident, they are a good starting point in revealing which areas need improvement in prevention and safety. 

Distracted driving

It is probably no surprise that distracted driving is one of the biggest factors. Despite warnings not to, drivers tend to use their phones while behind the wheel. They may call or text someone, look up directions, take a photo or post on social media.

Although Millennials have the highest rates according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, all age groups are guilty of phone use while driving. Females tend to use handheld phones while driving more than males do. Factors that increase usage for all drivers include traveling during rush hour and being alone in the car.

Heavy traffic

For such a small state, Delaware has a lot of traffic. Congested roadways are normal in big-city zones, but the countryside also has its share. Traffic increases in the summer as people head to the beaches. Many beachgoers are out-of-state drivers who may not be familiar with roads and traffic. In fact, rates of fault decrease for natives during the summer months, says Delaware Online.

Teen drivers are also out for the summer. They lack the experience and judgment necessary for avoiding an accident. Plus, they are the most likely to drive distracted. Drunk driving also tends to be highest during the summer.

While you cannot completely avoid bad drivers, you can do your part in staying safe. For example, put away all distractions, and make sure you manage music and settings before driving. Wear your seat belt to decrease the chance of severe injury in case another vehicle hits you.