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Treacherous winter roads can contribute to car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Car Accidents

Winter can be a wonderful time of year in Delaware. Fresh snow often envelopes landscapes like a subtle white blanket making for absolutely stunning scenery across the state. Winter can also be brutal. The fresh snow that makes for beautiful scenery can also make roadways treacherous for drivers. Heavy snow and ice can make roads virtually impassable, shut down entire cities and cause deadly car accidents.

Delaware State Police recently offered tips for safe winter driving and warned drivers to take precautions if travel is necessary. Police say it is vitally important to make sure vehicles have a full tank of gas if winter weather is in the forecast. It is also crucial to check vehicle components such as the battery, tires and windshield washer fluid.

Police also reminded motorists to keep emergency items in their vehicles such as bottled water, snacks, flashlights, blankets and phone chargers. When driving in snowy conditions, police urge drivers to slow down and always keep a safe following distance. Drivers who become stuck should never leave their vehicles. Police warned drivers to use extra caution near intersections, overpasses and ramps in snowy conditions.

Roadways across Delaware can quickly become hazardous during winter. Such adverse conditions can contribute to serious car accidents. Those in Delaware who suffer injury or loss due to negligence in a car accident may want to consider seeking the services of a legal representative. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney could help victims and families file a claim and obtain damages to help recover any financial losses.