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Car accidents happening more and more on crowded Delaware roads

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Car Accidents

When compared to the rest of the country, Delaware is a relatively small state. Although small in size, the state is densely populated. Roadways here experience extremely high traffic volumes resulting in constant congestion. Safely operating a motor vehicle on these crowded roads takes constant focus and attention. Unfortunately, not all drivers these days are cautious behind the wheel, which often leads to car accidents.

A driver allegedly responsible for the deaths of five people is facing some very serious charges. According to reports, the driver was operating a pickup truck on Delaware Route 1 when he crossed the center line of the highway and collided head-on with a minivan. Authorities said the minivan contained a family of six who were on their way home from a beach vacation. Tragically, five of the six occupants of the minivan were killed in the violent crash.

Reportedly, the crash killed the family’s father along with four children with only the mother surviving. Authorities said the driver of the pickup truck was indicted on allegations that he operated his vehicle in a negligent manner by crossing the center line of the road into oncoming traffic. He was charged with five counts of second-degree vehicular homicide along with three counts of vehicular assault.

Traveling on today’s crowded roadways can be risky and downright hazardous. Delaware families who have suffered loss in car accidents due to the the negligence of another party may pursue legal action. Damages from a successful claim could be used to cover end-of-life expenses and replace any monetary losses.