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Alleged surgical errors may have ended NFL player’s career

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Surgical Errors

Surgeries are delicate procedures that require constant focus and attention by doctors and nurses. Any deviation from the standard of care can result in catastrophic consequences for the patient. Thousands of injuries and deaths happen each year in Delaware and across the country due to surgical errors. Sharrif Floyd, a former NFL defensive lineman recently filed a lawsuit against a surgeon over claims that negligence during surgery ended his football career.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff traveled to the surgeon’s office under the impression that he needed an examination of his knee but was told upon arrival that he needed minor arthroscopic surgery on his knee. He claims he was told that the surgery would only keep him out three to four weeks. However, the lawsuit claims that the surgery was performed by two new surgeons and was more invasive than the plaintiff was led to believe.

Allegedly, the surgeons punctured and drilled into the bone of the plaintiff’s knee. The plaintiff claims he never consented to the invasive surgery, which was not successful. According to claims, the plaintiff can no longer play football due to the injury and was forced to retire. The plaintiff seeks $180 million in damages.

No matter how routine a surgery may seem, there is always risk involved with any procedure. Those in Delaware who have suffered injuries as the result of surgical errors could benefit from discussions with an experienced attorney. Damages from a successfully litigated claim could provide financial relief to families who are facing a mountain of medical expenses.