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Birth injuries and defects can be the result of negligent care

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Birth Injuries

The arrival of a new baby is one of the most joyful events in life. Though the majority of births go as planned, there are times when the actions or decisions of medical providers can result in children suffering the negative consequences of birth injuries. Delaware families who are struggling to care for an injured child do have recourse to seek a remedy.

There is a distinction between a birth injury and a birth defect, but both can be caused by the type of care that an expectant mother received. Throughout the pregnancy, there are various tests that can detect whether the fetus is developing normally and that the baby is receiving proper nutrition. Along with the possibility that a child can suffer a congenital abnormality, environmental factors and substances that a mother ingests can all cause harm for an unborn baby.

When a child does suffer from a birth defect, one often overlooked cause could be prescription medications that were used as an off-label remedy. Pharmaceutical companies must go to great lengths and expense to test new drugs for their safety and effectiveness for use in pregnant women. Rather than going through that process, prescription medications may be supplied to doctors for treatment of ailments other than the original purpose, and they may be subsequently prescribed to expectant women.

If a birth defect can be attributed to a prescribed medication, the pharmaceutical company can be held accountable. Parents who have endured the pain of caring for a child with either birth injuries or defects know that no amount of money can ever restore what has been lost. However, just compensation can ensure that the child is able to receive the proper care that may be required for the rest of his or her life. Delaware parents who are coping with a disabled child who was harmed through the actions or negligence of a medical professional may seek recompense through the civil justice system.