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U.S. mothers suffer more birth injuries than any developed nation

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Many people hope for the best medical care possible when preparing to have a baby. However, a USA Today investigation found that women in the United States, including many here in Delaware, may want to think twice about their quality of care. According to their journalism, mothers suffer more birth injuries in this country than anywhere else in the developed world.

Every year, 50,000 mothers are injured while giving birth in the United States and 700 lose their lives. This figure has been steadily rising in recent years. USA Today investigators spent four years looking into the reasons for these figures.

According to the study, maternal injury and death are often due to hospitals not following long-known safety measures. In fact, experts say that better medical care could have prevented about 50 percent of maternal deaths. Currently, the two leading causes of maternal death and injury during or after delivery are severe hypertension and hemorrhage. To prevent these issues, hospitals must pay close attention to a woman’s level of blood loss and blood pressure. However, the journalists found that many hospitals were not taking precise measurements on these things.

Experts say that more training would make a big difference in the number of mothers who suffer from birth injuries and death in the United States. California has implemented practices that have cut maternal deaths in half in the state, but other states appear to be further behind. Those who suffer from birth injuries here in Delaware may find it beneficial discuss their cases with a lawyer to understand their legal options.