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Tips for preventing and following up on surgical errors

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Surgical Errors

When something goes wrong during a hospital procedure, the results can be devastating for a patient and his or her loved ones. While surgical errors due to medical malpractice are certainly not the patient’s fault, there are some things Delaware individuals and their families can do to reduce the risk of such incidents. There are also some tips that could be helpful for handling the situation should an error occur.

Before the surgery, it is a good idea to have a second set of ears and eyes. Patients should bring the same person to their presurgery appointments. This will help them catch anything out of place, as well as providing a witness should something go wrong. Additionally, it is a good idea to research the condition and surgery as well as getting a second opinion to ensure the medical details being shared are accurate and of high quality.

What can be done if surgery goes wrong despite these many efforts? The first thing patients should remember is to be honest. If there is pain that should not exist after a surgery, it is important to tell someone right away. If something went wrong, it is best to request a meeting with the surgeon as well as copies of hospital records. These will be needed to file a grievance or, if needed, a lawsuit. 

Surgical errors can have serious consequences. Along with the emotional and personal health costs, there is often a financial loss from medical bills and inability to work. In these cases, an attorney in Delaware can take a look at the incident and advise on next steps to seek compensation for any monetary damages incurred.