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Birth injuries: Needle left in woman’s spine for 14 years

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Childbirth can be dangerous for either the mother, baby or both. There are numerous medical concerns that must be handled with care. Delaware mothers who have suffered injuries or their child has suffered birth injuries may be interested in one mother’s ordeal following her cesarean section.

Most C-sections use epidural anesthesia for a pain-free operation for the mother. The anesthesia is popular to use because it allows the mother to be awake during the delivery of her child and results in fewer side effects than general sedation.  To administer an epidural, a doctor must place a nerve blocking medicine into the patient’s spinal fluid with the use of a long needle, but the needle is removed following placement of the medicine. One woman recently discovered that part of the needle used in her procedure broke in a piece of her vertebrae.

The woman began suffering back pain just two months following the delivery of her son. Over the years, she saw multiple doctors due to the pain her back, but it took 14 years for the 3-centimeter needle tip to be discovered on a CT image. Doctors fear that the woman may become paralyzed if the needle is removed, but she may also become wheelchair bound if it is not removed due to the damage it has created over the years.

The woman has filed a complaint against the hospital and has plans to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in civil court. Women who have suffered similar birth injuries may understand the financial costs and stress of necessary medical care. Although an attorney cannot reverse the damage done, a Delaware medical malpractice attorney can advise a patient of their options for legal recourse in civil court.

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