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Traumatic brain injuries may require intense and costly therapy

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Brain Injuries

Negligence is defined as the failure to properly take care of something or someone. When physicians fail to adequately diagnose or treat someone in a timely manner, they can be deemed negligent. Drivers who fail to adhere to traffic laws can also be deemed negligent if their failure to drive safely harms another individual. In circumstances that negligence results in harm to another person, serious brain injuries, physical deformity and/or death can occur. Delaware residents may be interested in learning how a traumatic brain injury has impacted one family’s life.

A teenager was playing football for a middle school team when a hard hit by another player caused him to suffer a traumatic brain injury. Sadly, the injured boy was in a coma for two months. Although he has recovered from the coma, he has had years of therapy to achieve a new normal in his daily life.

The teenager’s mother reports that her son requires care around-the-clock, resulting in her having to quit her job as a teacher. Not only has she lost income, but her son has required years of intensive speech, occupational and physical therapy to relearn daily activities like how to talk, blink and eat. He does not live the same life as prior to his injury, but his therapy has helped him achieve a new normalcy. Surprisingly, the boy can speak Spanish following his injury, even though he did not speak it prior to the injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can certainly change a family’s life. Not only are daily schedules and activities completely altered, but therapy to achieve a better quality of life can be very expensive and time-consuming. When injuries occur due to the apparent negligence of another party, there is a possibility to obtain legal recourse for financial losses in civil court. Delaware families who are at a loss with how to finance a loved one’s needed care could benefit from speaking to an attorney about their situation.

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