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Surgical errors may have resulted in Bill Paxton’s death

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Surgical Errors

In Delaware and elsewhere, there are significant risks with any surgical procedure or operation. It is important to understand the risks for a patient to make the best decision for his or her health. If there are significant risks for surgical errors, some patients may opt to choose an alternative medical treatment rather than surgery. The family of actor Bill Paxton has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his surgeon and hospital following his death last year.

Paxton is known for his role in “Apollo 13.” Last year, he made the decision to repair an aortic aneurysm and a bicuspid aortic valve. According to the family, the surgeon did not disclose all of the surgical risks involved. They have accused the surgeon of using an unconventional and risky surgical technique in which he lacked expertise.

Apparently, during the surgery, Paxton began to suffer severe bleeding, which led to further complications. The lawsuit has accused the surgeon of not being present in the operating room when the complications occurred, and the delay in treatment may have resulted in additional harm to Paxton. He required a second surgery to repair a damaged coronary artery but did not show any improvement.  He died 10 days following his surgery.

Families never want to hear that surgical complications may have occurred, especially ones that could have been prevented. When errors do occur, they can result in additional surgeries, longer hospitalizations and — as in this case — death. Initially, families and patients may not understand how similar medical and surgical errors can impact their lives and quality of life. Many may suffer financial stress due to unexpected medical expenses. Financial relief may be available, and it makes good sense to seek the assistance of an experienced Delaware attorney to understand the options for legal recourse. 

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