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Latest report on Delaware car accidents concerns fatal crash

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Car Accidents

When one reaches a certain age, it is likely that a serious illness is considered the greatest threat to one’s well-being. Unfortunately, neither age nor experience can be a safeguard against being involved in serious car accidents. Sadly, the news of the most recent fatality was in connection to an 85-year-old Delaware woman.

Delaware State police responded to the report of an accident that occurred along Pulaski Highway in the area of Glasgow Drive. According to the earlier investigation, the woman was operating her vehicle down the local road when she then attempted to turn onto the westbound lane of the highway. As she was completing her maneuver, a 22-year-old male driving a sports car also attempted to make a turn onto the highway.

The second driver’s car slammed into the woman’s, and the impact sent her car into the median strip. The second vehicle wound up in the westbound side of the roadway. The woman was using her safety restraint at the time, but she still suffered critical injuries. She was transported to the hospital where she later died. The male driver also was hurt and was taken for treatment of less critical injuries.

Delaware officials are still completing their investigation and have requested assistance from anyone who may have witnessed the crash. Though the nature of the young driver’s injuries were not disclosed, he may face a long recovery. As with all victims of car accidents caused by negligence, it may be possible for him to seek recompense for his financial losses through a personal injury claim, and since the other driver passed away, he can make a claim against the woman’s estate. An experienced attorney can assess one’s case and play a vital role in successfully navigating the suit through the civil court system.

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