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Football player’s family files lawsuit after brain injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Brain Injuries

Recently, more discussions have occurred about the long-term impact of concussions that football players often suffer during play. Sadly, one young football player suffered irreversible brain injuries during a high school game after suffering a concussion. Delaware residents may be interested in reading the about family’s lawsuit against the athletic trainer who examined the student following his injury.

According to the family, the high school player collapsed while standing on the sidelines during the second half of a game. Apparently, he had suffered a concussion but had been declared okay to play by the team’s athletic trainer. The player was taken for medical treatment and required an emergency craniotomy. Doctors determined that the boy suffered many brain injuries. As a result of the injuries, he is paralyzed and can only communicate with his eyes.

The family, who now cares for their son and must help him with basic life functions, filed a lawsuit in 2016. As part of the process, the trainer’s employer was informed of the pending lawsuit months before the official filing. The company was also informed to preserve all related evidence. During an examination of the evidence, the family’s lawyers accused the company of intentionally deleting and not submitting important and related emails; they filed a spoliation motion. The judge in the case recently ruled that it was not an incidence of intentional spoliation, and the lawsuit is expected to proceed to trial in March.

All lawsuits are expected to have various amounts of hearings and decisions that must be made prior to a trial, and it can be understandably confusing. Fortunately, experienced Delaware personal injury attorneys are not confused by the process and can assist families who have a loved one who has suffered similar traumatic brain injuries. If compensation is awarded to a family at the end of the lawsuit, it could help provide needed care and improved quality of life for the injured loved one.

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