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Surgical errors: Man’s stomach held forgotten scapel for years

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Surgical Errors

Anyone who has had a magnetic resonance image, most commonly known as an MRI, is likely aware that no metal can be present within a certain space of the imaging machine. As stated in its name, it contains a large magnet and considerable damage or injuries can occur if metal objects are nearby. Unfortunately, for one man, he was unaware that metal resided in his abdominal cavity from a previous surgery. It was discovered while undergoing an MRI. Anyone in Delaware who has suffered similar surgical errors may be interested in the man’s medical malpractice lawsuit filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The man’s medical ordeal began about five years ago when he had a radical prostatectomy. The man’s surgeon chose to perform the surgery with robotic technology but, apparently, also used traditional scalpels. Following the surgery, the man experienced chronic abdominal pain.

After a spell of dizziness coupled with his abdominal pain, the man returned to a veteran’s hospital for an evaluation. Doctors ordered an MRI, but the scan had be stopped before it could be completed. Doctors soon discovered a metal scalpel inside of the man’s body that had resulted in severe abdominal pain when the MRI was in progress. After an additional surgery, the scalpel was removed.

The man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit with respect to his pain and suffering. He has not specified the amount but listed that the surgical errors he experienced required an unnecessary surgery, medical expenses, time rehabilitating and time away from work. Patients with similar experiences following surgery may also have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit and may benefit from a review by an experienced attorney in Delaware to understand their legal options.

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