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Stuntman suffered fatal brain injuries on “The Walking Dead”

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2018 | Brain Injuries

The television and movie industry has been wowing audiences in Delaware and across the country for years with their action scenes and often with the illusion of daring stunts. It is no secret that directors and actors often employ skilled stuntmen and stuntwomen to safely perform more dangerous scenes. For a stuntman, abiding by safety techniques is vital to his or her protection. One mother is claiming that the production company of the “The Walking Dead” did not provide enough safety measures to protect her son from suffering fatal brain injuries.

The woman’s 33-year-old son was a stuntman who specialized in falls hired for AMC’s, “The Walking Dead.” An accident occurred when he was rehearsing a scene involving a planned fall. Something wrong occurred during the fall, and the stuntman fell 20 feet to a concrete floor. He suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to a trauma center but was pronounced dead within 24 hours.

As with many work-related accidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration completed its own investigation. OSHA determined that the production company could have used more protection to prevent the fall and fined the company $12,675. The mother hopes her wrongful death lawsuit naming AMC, the production company, director and stunt coordinator will help improve standard safety for all stunt persons.

Because the brain is vital to all of life’s daily functions, any injury can result in disability or, as in this case, death. A disability can be expensive for medical treatment and therapy and may prevent a person’s ability to work. As in this case, when brain injuries result in sudden unexpected death, unplanned burial expenses may impact a grieving families finances. When possible negligence may have resulted in any injuries, a lawsuit in civil court may be an option for victims or family members of deceased victims. A Delaware attorney can discuss legal options after evaluating the available evidence.

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