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Understanding football brain injuries may help other victims

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Brain Injuries

The permanent damage that players in the National Football league sometimes suffer has recently become public knowledge. Many former and current football players are suffering serious brain injuries during games and practice. While most people in Delaware will not likely suffer brain injuries from playing football, the knowledge gained from studying football players’ brains will likely increase the understanding of how the brain heals following injury.

If people in Delaware have the unfortunate incidence of suffering from a brain injury, it is more likely from a car accident or blunt force trauma. NFL football players usually suffer repeated blunt force trauma during a typical game. Previously, it was believed that, if a player suffered a concussion, the brain might suffer some outer bruising and would quickly heal. Recent studies have begun to change the way medical professionals view the healing of the brain.

One recent study involved tests on 111 deceased football players’ brains. All but one brain had suffered a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The condition is believed to be caused by repeated trauma to the brain. In addition, researchers have discovered that traumatic brain injuries often result in permanent damage to white brain matter and the connections the brain has to the rest of the body.

Victims of traumatic brain injuries can likely attest to the change in the quality of their life. In addition to expensive medical bills, many may not be able to physically earn an income. When injury results from the possible negligence of another person, there are legal options to seeking financial compensation. Delaware personal injury attorneys can explain available options based on the details of each individual situation.

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