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Car accidents: Pedestrian killed near light home light display

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Car Accidents

Many areas across the country have homeowners with large light displays around this time of year. Many flock to view the displays due to their numerous lights, themed shows, uncountable character blow-ups and activities for families to enjoy. The displays have not only become a tradition for many, but they may also become a traffic nightmare. Car accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, the crowds drawn to a popular light display in Delaware resulted in one man’s death.

The man was on foot when the accident occurred, one of many people viewing the popular light display. Few details were shared regarding the accident, but it is known that the man was hit by a vehicle. Reportedly, he suffered serious injuries.

Sadly, the man did not survive his injuries. Accident reconstruction investigators will be sure to examine collected evidence to discover what actions resulted in the sad incidence. It has not been reported if drugs or alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Motorists on a normal commute face numerous distractions. Whatever the distraction, motorists are required to drive responsibly, according to the specific circumstances presented and act responsibly to avoid car accidents. Families who have lost loved ones in similar tragedies may find comfort in discussing the details of their case with a personal injury attorney in Delaware. In applicable cases, attorneys may suggest a lawsuit in civil court against presumed negligent parties to help cover unexpected financial costs of an accident. These types of claims require proof of negligence on the defendant’s part that is found to have caused or materially contributed to the accident and injuries suffered.

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