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Birth injuries resulting in permanent injury in Delaware

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2017 | Birth Injuries

The time from pregnancy to birth often contains joy and excitement. However, when something goes wrong during pregnancy or delivery, a dream can easily become a nightmare. With many hospital professionals involved in a delivery, from nurses to OB/GYNs and other hospital staff, a mistake on anyone’s part can result in permanent injury or damage to the mother or newborn.

If you have experienced something during your baby’s birth that resulted in permanent damage or an injury to your newborn, you should inform yourself about your legal rights and options under the law. Whether your baby had a fatal injury or now suffers from a permanent impairment, laws exist to protect and compensate you for your loss.

Medical malpractice birth injury cases in Delaware

The state of Delaware is one of the more unique states when it comes to medical malpractice in birth injury cases. That is because the state law requires unanimous jury verdicts in civil cases. In fact, Delaware is one of only three states with this requirement. That requirement is sometimes a difficult one to overcome, which is why it is particularly important to choose a good attorney if you are building a medical malpractice suit.

Injuries and damage resulting from negligent care

Medical malpractice birth injury cases cover a wide range of injuries as a result of negligence. These can include a newborn fatality or permanent injuries as a result of negligent care during delivery, such as cerebral palsy, permanent brain damage, paralysis, infections, blindness and hypoxia, where a lack of oxygen to the brain can cause developmental delays. There is an exceedingly wide range of injuries that can result from medical negligence. 

If you suspect your experience may warrant a lawsuit against the medical practitioner or hospital where you gave birth, it can be useful for you to have a consultation with an attorney who works with medical malpractice cases in birth injuries.